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Together with the BOC Group you run your business and IT by using management tools and leading practices. Exploit our constant innovation, technology leadership and consulting knowledge. Be a part of our global user community and discover appropriate solutions for your management life cycles. Improve your next generation management processes – for every stakeholder, at all places at any time. Make it happen!

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With ADONIS:cloud the BOC Group provides an elemental online BPM service for modelling, analysis and publishing of business processes. The standardised service allows users to start with a BPM initiative right away.
ADONIS:cloud comes with the most important ADONIS features and incorporates specific preset views for process designers and readers, as well as graphical analysis and stakeholder-specific dashbords.
ADONIS:cloud, easy and ready-to-use.

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With ADOIT:cloud you can instantly start your EAM initiatives. The powerful yet easy-to-use online service provides features for designing architectures, for the visualisation of connections and for extensive graphical analyses. The standardised ADOIT:cloud service is based on the successful EAM suite ADOIT. Tool and method are oriented towards international standards and frameworks and allow for a head-start, saving the troubles of installing and running an in-house application.

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