Consulting Best Practices

  • Are you looking for a consultant who is capable of not only posing new problems but solving them?
  • Are trust and commitment important factors for you?
  • Do you want consultants that are able to pass on their knowledge?
  • Do your employees understand your consultants’ strategies and deliverables?
  • Is result-orientation important to you?

Rely on our consulting capabilities

Key facts:

20 years of consulting experience
from more than 5.000 projects


What Is Consulting Best Practice?

Business consultants are strongly shaped by their projects and customers. The higher the expectations and the pressure to implement, the more obvious becomes the demand of Best Practices, experience and commitment of the consulting company.

More than 20 years of experience and a large number of different projects have shaped us. We have successfully executed projects and can refer to many renowned companies that have achieved their ambitious goals by using our methods and tools.

We are project managers, analysts, consultants, architects, modellers, and many more – and sometimes just catalysts for the successful achievement of your goals!

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Good Reasons

What Are the Benefits?

1 Leading practices
Rely on tested methods and get inspired about how other enterprises already have successfully implemented the topic at hand.

2 No reinvention of projects
The implementation as a project will not be newly defined but merely adapted to your company’s needs.

3 Proven methods
Our clients’ success stories prove the successful application of our methods and tools.

4 Clearly defined results
No insufficiently aligned expectations but clear project goals and results are set and achieved.

5 Simplified project controlling
Simply structured projects facilitate project controlling and provide visibility on the current state of quality, time and costs at any time.

Why with BOC?

  • 20 years of project experience
  • Proven procedures
  • Clearly defined goals and result-orientation
  • Everything under one roof – methods and tools
  • International reference customers

Structuring and Creating a Process Landscape

Starting with the complex process landscape of an organisation is facilitated through a structured overview in form of a process map. Beyond its navigation functionality, it serves as a strategic tool for determining interrelations of processes and responsibilities, development of sourcing strategies and as a central communication tool for process-based organisation.


We assist you with our experience and our methodology to structure and create the process landscape.

Determination of the Maturity Level and Weak Point Analysis

With the help of a process assessment it is possible to determine the level of maturity of your business processes and identify weak points in a short time. A systematic analysis detects further weaknesses and optimisation potential. The joint development of an initiative catalogue is the starting point for a targeted improvement of the business processes.


Determine together with us the current maturity level of your business processes. We would like to assist you in overcoming weaknesses and in the further identification of optimisation potential.

Role Concept of a Process-Based Organisation

A sustainable implementation of process management in the organisation requires a precise and consistent definition of roles and responsibilities.


Out of existing reference catalogues we generate together with you appropriate roles and tasks for process management. Furthermore, we support you in the communication of critical success factors and persuasion in the course of the implementation of those organisational aspects.

Planning and Implementation of a BPM Roadmap

The compatibility of your processes with your company’s current goals and demands is as important as the consideration of requirements of compliance or risk management. On the basis of existing process models e.g. weak point analyses have to be executed or the “customer orientation” has to be tested regularly.


Identify together with us the quality requirements placed on your process models on the basis of different application scenarios. Define initiatives for the further development of your process management.

Target Operating Models

Together with renowned and globally-operating companies we have implemented the development of group-wide reference models, defined the level of standardisation and accompanied the operational implementation as well as compliance testing.


Develop together with us a Target Operating Model on the basis of processes in your organisation and achieve an unimagined optimisation potential through group-wide process standards.


Activity-Based Costing

Activity-based costing (ABC) supplies numbers for internal and external price models for your products and services and decision support for make-or-buy decisions.


The process cost analysis ensures considering the entire process of the product or service generation for your assessment. Focusing on the value-adding process, you are provided with a transparent view on the origin of costs, allowing for a clear allocation of the different cost types. Together with you we define a system for managing these challenges of activity-based costing. As a result, you obtain all the necessary figures for a price calculation of your products and services or for internal cost allocation, as well as decision support for make-or-buy decisions.


Human Resource Demand Forecasting

A critical success factor of your organisation is the effective and efficient use of human resources. This applies especially to your core processes with high volume or recurring activities. An example are typical application processes or claims processes.


Together with you we develop and establish a solid basis for the planning of your current and future human resource demand depending on quantity, process distribution and processing time.


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