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The 'Voice of Diversity' for Equal Hiring Opportunities

What everyone working at BOC Group has in common is our insatiable drive for progress, moving forward and providing nothing but the very best for our customers. Competence, curiosity and enthusiasm are some of the qualities which we certainly consider important for our employees, but nationality, age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, disability and religion, we most certainly do not. And we're putting this to the test with our participation in the 'Voice of Diversity' programme at the Technical University of Vienna.


The 'Voice of Diversity' is an interesting initiative led by the career centre at the Technical University of Vienna, where 6 employers and 40 students will be engaging in completely anonymous interviews, thus preventing discrimination during recruitment and guaranteeing equal opportunities for all participants. These so-called 'blind interviews' will be taking place on the 4th of May, 2020 at the Technical University of Vienna.


We at BOC have always been strong advocates of diversity in every sense of the word, both in the working environment and society in general. We firmly stand for diversity and consider it to be one of our biggest advantages. Combining different work backgrounds, cultures, experiences and personalities is said to positively influence decision making and business performance, and we can certainly testify to that claim. For that reason, keeping our community as dynamic and diverse as possible is an opportunity we will most definitely not be missing out on!


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