ADOIT 7.0 Released – Next Dimension Enterprise Architecture

Today, with the launch of ADOIT 7.0, the BOC Group is lifting Enterprise Architecture to a whole new level!

ADOIT provides a comprehensive enterprise architecture suite that supports all EA stakeholders in their everyday work. While application responsible and other stakeholders maintain the architecture repository in no time, architects have powerful yet easy to interpret analysis views and reports at their fingertips. Boosting acceptance and dissemination in your organization, ADOIT lets you operationalize Enterprise Architecture in a scalable, effective and sustainable way.


The latest version of ADOIT recombines maintenance, analysis and collaboration capabilities with features that aid in establishing sustainable added value through increased acceptance and dissemination of both tool and technique.


Intrigued? Then run through a selection of new features in ADOIT 7.0 and request a personal web-demo from one of our EA specialists.


About ADOIT:

Enterprise Architecture Management requires teamwork. ADOIT is the ideal information base for all stakeholders from the management to single IT operation managers. With its numerous and role-specific views and reports, quick and informed decisions are possible and the impact of planned changes will be immediately visible.