ADOIT 8.3 unboxed: BOC Group releases the next version of its professional EA suite

Powerful workflow capabilities to manage ever-changing Enterprise Architectures are one, yet not the only, highlights of ADOIT 8.3.

BOC Group introduces the next evolution of it's powerful 100% web-based EA suite.


In the course of delivering more than 1,000 implementation projects worldwide, BOC Group has acquired extensive experience that has benefitted ADOIT's development significantly. With the new workflow capabilities and release state filter options in ADOIT 8.3, on top of other exciting enhancements, it has never been easier to actively control the lifecycles of EA documentation.


Details on the feature highlights of ADOIT are available on the BOC Group websiteBOC consultants are at the disposal of interested parties and offer free demonstrations of ADOIT 8.3.


About ADOIT:
Enterprise Architecture Management requires teamwork. ADOIT is the ideal information base for all stakeholders from the management to single IT operation managers. With its numerous and role-specific views and reports, quick and informed decisions are possible and the impact of planned changes will be immediately visible.