ADONIS NP 4.0 Released – Best-of-Breed in BPM Tools

The BOC Group announced today the launch of ADONIS NP 4.0, the logical next step in the game-changing evolution of ADONIS' new platform!

ADONIS NP provides a flexible framework upon which companies can design and mature their process management programme while gaining control and ownership of their information. The fully web-based process modelling and analysis application truly enables companies to enjoy the benefits of process management in a scalable, effective and sustainable way.


This latest release of ADONIS NP combines the process modelling, analysis and collaboration capabilities with features that drive company-wide involvement in process improvement.


Intrigued? Then run through a selection of new features in ADONIS NP 4.0 and request a personal web-demo from one of our consultants.



ADONIS NP is the intuitive and powerful, fully web-based BPM tool for all roles in business process management. Organisers, subject matter experts and business analysts are provided with support for process design, analysis and optimisation of the corporate performance, and an efficient and effective process execution.