BOC Cloud Services Powered by CloudSigma and MODAClouds

Final release of the EU co-founded FP7 research project – achievement of a further milestone in the optimisation of related DevOps processes

After having launched ADONIS:cloud on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, developed and operated by the Swiss provider CloudSigma in 2014, the BOC Group has recently successfully moved the complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business to the cloud. Now that the final release of the EU co-founded FP7 research project MODAClouds is available, a further milestone in the optimisation of the related DevOps processes has been achieved.


Being a software centric company, the BOC Group is committed to agile delivery processes, not only in the context of software development but also in the context of cloud service delivery. With MODAClouds’ multi-cloud enabled toolbox the already existing configuration management can be extended to the infrastructure layer.


CloudML, the central deployment component within the MODAClouds tool collection, has been extended to include CloudSigma as one of the supported deployment targets. With this feature available, the BOC Group is now able to adapt the provisioning processes in a way in which the allocation of resources within CloudSigma’s IaaS platform is part of the automated workflow. Due to the multi-cloud nature of CloudML, the orchestration of application components across cloud platform boundaries becomes a natural process and thus ensures an easy expansion, if required.


Furthermore, as CloudML is aware of the other run-time technologies of MODAClouds, such as the load balancing service and the RDF stream based monitoring platform, we can further benefit from research results in these areas.


We at the BOC Group are convinced that the integration of latest achievements from research projects such as MODAClouds is a valuable contribution to the continuous improvement of our products as well as of our service delivery. Our partners and clients will continue to profit from these achievements.