BOC Group Announces the new GRC Suite: Your audit-ready platform

GRC 2.0 – This is the premiere of our brand new Risk Management tool

DUBLIN – (Business Wire) - BOC Group launched today its GRC suite 2.0. Risk assessments, evaluation of effectiveness and definition of mitigation measures and controls now can be reported and managed in our new Governance, Risk and Compliance Suite. Informative graphical views and reports are also available to help users get an overview of the current situation and its context.


Erik Guschlbauer, Service and Innovation Manager, emphasizes: “Not only can GRC help our clients establish strategic risk management in their companies, but stay in control of every day standards and legal requirements that are imperative when facing audits. BPM and EA content can easily be integrated with GRC, which saves a lot of time and trouble when having to assess risk impacts and establish proper controls associated with specific processes and specific areas in the company."


During more than 5,000 successful client projects we have noticed a constant need for an appropriate tool that can help risk managers govern more accurately the uncertainties they confront every day.


With this release, users will be able to satisfy risk management requirements critical to financial reporting as well as to fulfill legal requirements on implementation of a management framework, just to name a few. Customers will soon experience how easy and precise their risk and control management activities can become all to ensure the longevity of their enterprise.


A selection of the most relevant scenarios GRC can help with is already available on the BOC Group website. Interested parties can visit the GRC highlights page where they will find more about this recent release.


About the BOC Group

BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and extensive Business Management in an era of digital transformation. The main strengths lie in improving Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities as well as facilitating better Governance, Risk and Compliance to assure audit-readiness.


BOC Group's global customers include, among others, Allianz, Emerson, Hilti, Motta, REWE and Telefonica.


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