BOC Group Announces the Release of ADOIT 8.5 – The Future of Enterprise Architecture Software Tools!

DUBLIN – (Business Wire) BOC Group has just released the next version of its Forrester Wave* acclaimed Enterprise Architecture suite – ADOIT 8.5! The latest release includes many exciting updates and leading edge innovations, whereas the biggest emphasis is placed on the full integration and support of the ArchiMate EA modelling language.

Providing full ArchiMate support, a value-adding Knowledge Centre, an optimized user interface and a mix of fresh features and functionalities, this ADOIT version is set for being the most agile, powerful and robust version ever!


Christoph Moser, ADOIT product manager explains: “In ADOIT, with "ArchiMate fit for business", we have applied and used a best practice method including all ArchiMate concepts for a long time already. Now, ADOIT has leveled up even further and provides full support for the ArchiMate metamodel. But not only that: By applying our proven core concepts and enhancing ArchiMate through our portfolio approach, we have transformed ArchiMate from a plain modelling language to this really robust and powerful EA method, with endless possibilities – views, search and analysis variants, management dashboards, and more.”


In addition, ADOIT 8.5 introduces a variety of other innovative and beneficial features, like the new filter & sort functionality, allowing for further organization and structuring of all information available in tabular view, to create a detailed and comprehensive overview of your architectural elements and more.


A more detailed insight into all cutting-edge innovations of ADOIT is available on the BOC Group website.


BOC Group recommends all interested parties to schedule a free-of-charge personal web demo to discover the full potential of ADOIT and ArchiMate.


* Forrester names BOC Group a worldwide Leader in EA Management suites.


About the BOC Group
BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and extensive management of all capabilities and assets within your organization. The company puts a strong emphasis on improving Process Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities as well as facilitating better Governance and Compliance.


ADOIT global customers include, among others, Allianz, PostFinance, Raiffeisen Bank, Vienna International Airport and Volksbank Wien.


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