BOC Group Announces the Release of ADONIS NP 8.0 – Revolutionizing the BPM Experience

With a novel design and outstanding usability improvements, the latest version of ADONIS NP combines numerous features that drastically improve the ease-of-use and efficiently fulfill users’ needs, ultimately offering an unparalleled BPM experience!

DUBLIN – (Business Wire) – BOC Group just released the latest version of its Business Transformation suite, ADONIS NP 8.0. With laser focus on usability and enhancing its value for users, this release brings many new features like the new scenario start page, extended drag & drop use cases, quick access to recent models and favourites, and others, that will make your work easier and faster than ever, while giving UI a facelift at the same time!


Tobias Rausch, ADONIS NP product manager, elaborates: “The focus was on creating a more simplified and intuitive experience, while still keeping the powerful and robust functionality our customers have grown to rely on. We’ve transformed the way users interact with ADONIS, by making it more practical and your experience with it more instinctive, that way helping you get the job done better and more efficiently than before.”


Rausch continues: “Our goal was to provide our users with the best BPM experience they can get, and I believe we’ve done so very successfully!”


What’s more, ADONIS NP 8.0 introduces an abundance of other features, like the Management Office Integration improvements, allowing for an even smoother collaboration between ADONIS and our EA suite ADOIT, thus helping you ensure sustainable business optimization!


A detailed insight into the latest innovations of ADONIS is available on the BOC Group website.


BOC Group recommends all interested parties to register for the 30-Day Free Trial to discover the full potential of this powerful BPM suite.



About the BOC Group


BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and extensive management of all capabilities and assets within your organization. The company puts a strong emphasis on improving Process Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities as well as facilitating better Governance and Compliance.


ADONIS global customers include, among others, Airbus, Allianz, Emerson, Generali, Hilti, Rewe and Telefonica.


We deliver our products and services with over 200 employees spread across Athens, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Winterthur with more than 90 partners around the globe.