BOC Group Releases ADOIT 7.0: The Next Dimension in EA Tools

DUBLIN, Ireland – (Business Wire) With today's latest release of its powerful EA suite ADOIT 7.0 the BOC Group lifts Enterprise Architecture to a whole new level. The fully browser-based Enterprise Architecture tool provides means for assuring effortless maintenance of your architecture repository while having robust and powerful reports at your fingertips. Operationalize your EA with ADOIT in a scalable, effective and sustainable way.

Any analysis of an Enterprise Architecture depends heavily on the quality of the underlying repository data. An intuitive and role-based concept that returns tangible value plays a crucial role in inspiring your EA stakeholders to play their part in providing their piece of the puzzle to all parties. Our considerable 20-year track record of delivering projects to more than 1,000 clients worldwide has heavily contributed to transforming the EA suite ADOIT into an essential tool for every enterprise architect.


"We are experiencing the challenges architecture teams are confronted within their day to day work first hand in our consultancy projects", says Christoph Moser, ADOIT Product Manager. "For this reason we have focused our development efforts heavily on improving the usability of ADOIT 7.0 for the different stakeholder groups while still improving the powerful analysis and drill down mechanisms. The EA repository in ADOIT forms a single source of truth for strategic EA programmes as well as project-based analysis requirements and can be maintained straightforward via the web client."


A selection of the most relevant features released in ADOIT 7.0 has been made available on the BOC Group website. BOC Group recommends interested parties to register and schedule a free demonstration of ADOIT 7.0 with one of BOC's EA experts.


About the BOC Group

The BOC Group develops software products and services for effective and extensive management of all capabilities and assets within your organisation. The main focus lies on improving Process Management and Enterprise Architecture capabilities as well as facilitating better Governance and Compliance.


ADOIT global customers include, among others, Allianz, PostFinance, Raiffeisen Bank, Vienna International Airport and Volksbank Wien.


We deliver our products and services with over 200 employees spread across Athens, Berlin, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Winterthur and with more than 90 partners around the globe.