BPMN Interchange Demonstration at OMG Meeting: ADONIS Shows Full Roundtrip for BPMN 2.0 Models

With BPMN 2.0 the exchange of models between different tools and the convergence of business and IT is finally possible. Despite the BPMN standard a smooth model exchange between BPM tools posed a challenge. During an OMG meeting in Berlin, as a part of the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (MIWG) showcase session, BOC presented the ADONIS roundtrip support for BPMN.

The chained demonstration took place at OMG's quarterly technical meeting in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday, June 19th. The interchange demo – starting and finishing with ADONIS – consisted of seven different tools working collaboratively on a single BPMN model and moving it from business modeling and analysis, through extensions with technical details to execution in a BPM engine. As a last step the model was imported into ADONIS to complete the full roundtrip preserving all technical and execution details.

BPMN "fit for business" paired with BPMN DI round-trip

"What has been accomplished is truly impressive," said Dennis Wisnosky, Senior Advisor and Consultant at the EDM Council. "It is the answer to lossless data interchange between BPM tools that has been only a dream for decades." "The efforts of the MIWG are another piece to bring business process design and IT-enabled workflow execution closer. This was clearly demonstrated in the recent OMG Berlin meeting. We believe that our approach with ADONIS to make BPMN "fit for business" paired with full BPMN DI round-trip features will be the key for successful process implementations using BPMN", said Tobias Rausch, Product Manager of ADONIS.

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