Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) with CloudSocket: Bringing Organizations Closer to the Cloud

CloudSocket introduces a new way of using Business Processes

Most companies nowadays understand that an investment into newly emerging technologies represents a golden ticket to optimization of product and service delivery, reduction of costs and improved efficiency and effectiveness overall.


However, although many grasp the importance of such developments like cloud computing for example, not many have the resources to take advantage of its many benefits. But even if this is true for you, do not despair. For, the CloudSocket project by the BOC Innovation Lab aims at making technologies, like cloud services accessible for business like yours too. 


The EU project, CloudSocket represents one of the projects funded within the H2020 by the European Union. One of the prime drivers behind ClodSockets's initiation is to facilitate the digital transformation of organizations, by providing business processes that cater to a specific business use case. The project aims at supporting businesses of all kinds in this endeavor, especially smaller companies and the ones who don’t come from a technical background and thus lack the expertise to do to digitalize their processes on their own.


The primary focus of the project rests on the introduction of a new way of using business processes. The CloudSocket builds upon the framework of “Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)" via a marketplace. One of the project's main initiators and researchers, Dr. Robert Woitsch, project coordinator at the BOC Innovation Lab, strongly believes that this new paradigm could be what brings start-ups closer to using cloud technology. He further elaborates on this topic by saying that “The marketplace offers IT solutions in the form of business process models, and hence reduces the need for technical expertise in order to make an appropriate choice for a particular business need.”


Therefore, the more precisely a customer defines their requirements, the better the providers in the marketplace will be able to understand what it is that the company wants to achieve with its business processes. And thus, the providers will be better equipped and more capable of identifying a BPaaS which can best support the desired use case in a cloud environment.


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