Enterprise knowledge as a critical success factor for successful digitalization

Digitalization is on everyone's mind and is revolutionizing one industry after another. Customer needs are rapidly changing and new business models continuously increase competitive pressure. In addition, more stringent legal requirements and rising burdens of compliance increase the cost strain. Companies are required to adapt to the pace of this change: organizationally, procedurally and technologically.

Take some time to reflect on the following guiding principle: Business transformation is not a one-off project. Individual measures are far too short-sighted and cannot be sustainable in the long run. What is needed, are actions that enable companies to compile their offer of services in the context of current and future customer expectations, technological possibilities and foreseeable trends, and to rethink all these aspects holistically.


Together with us and the products of the BOC Management Office you can ensure a profound implementation of a digitalization strategy as well as its operationalization in all areas – from processes to IT and the organization by taking into account risks, controls and compliance. The central starting point is the identification, cataloguing and contextualisation of your company assets with the help of ADONIS – BPM, ADOIT – EA and GRC. Only through this is it possible to make analyses of all relations; with this newly gained knowledge, transform the overall architecture from the current to a target model.


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