Excited Audience at BOC‘s Presentation on EA vs. ISMS at the Enterprise Architecture for Financial Institutions Conference

The Enterprise Architecture for Financial Institutions conference, that took place in Frankfurt, Germany on 26th and 27th of April, brought together Enterprise Architecture in the banking industry professionals from across Europe, Russia/CIS and the Middle East. Topics covered included Enterprise Architecture for the new digital financial services ecosystem and alignment with business activities, among many others.


BOC’s Enrique Lobo Cruz, Market Development Manager
and BPM & EA Professional spoke „EA vs. ISMS - Two sides of the same coin?“


He answered not only a set of interesting questions in his presentation, as:

  • How can EA and ISMS support each other?
  • What are the challenges in introducing ISMS?
  • How are BOC customers tackling the security challenges of the digital world?
  • What methods and best practices does ADOIT support to ensure compliance?


…but also many questions from the audience, that were excited afterwards about the „amazing presentation“.


If you are interested in the topic, too and would like to exchange opinions with us, please contact us.