Full BPMN DI-support of ADONIS NP confirmed by BPMN Model Interchange Working Group

BOC Group’s BPM suite ADONIS NP, once again, solidified its position as one of the leading Business Process Management suites and achieved top results in the latest test by the BPMN MIWG.

BPMN is the global de-facto standard for modelling detailed processes and can be used both by businesses (to document their processes) and IT (to document detailed workflows and automate processes). BPMN version 2.0 marked the definition of the XML-based data interchange mechanism. Following that, OMG established the BPMN Model Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG) to facilitate collaboration between various vendors of process modelling, analysis and execution suites.


BOC Group is actively participating in BPMN MIWG activities since the group’s very beginning, and has taken part in all the public interchange demonstrations with ADONIS NP (e.g. see here).


The most recent results show that ADONIS NP scores far above average, ahead of other vendors, and at the top of the scale in all test categories. ADONIS NP allows you to both import and export BPMN diagrams and provides full roundtrip capabilities. This enables you to utilize the full power of BPMN fit for business to document processes on a business level and interchange with other BPMN tools back and forth without losing any information. BPMN fit for business extends BPMN in such a way that your process documentation adheres to the standard, while still supporting other important business scenarios, such as Strategic Process Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, and more.


Find out more about the detailed results together with the current list of BPMN MIWG-tested tools on: http://bpmn-miwg.github.io/bpmn-miwg-tools/


To explore how ADONIS NP supports BPMN 2.0 please visit www.boc-group.com/adonis or order your free BOC Group BPMN poster here.