Railroad Diagrams in ADOIT

Display complex chronological progressions via railroad diagrams in ADOIT

IT landscapes are often as complex as a railway system, however a clear overview can always help you visualize the directions that assets are headed. The new railroad diagrams on ADOIT give users an appealing view of their IT progression plans, providing a perspective similar to those of railway tracks.


The railroad diagram is an extension of the Gantt chart already available on ADOIT, which displays different stages of an object, such as an Application, simultaneously. This new view can easily be triggered from anywhere in the tool.


The diagram shows the development period, productive period, decommission date as well as successor and predecessor relations of an application. This way, the state-of-the-art view supports an understanding of complex migration scenarios and serves as a basis for planning decisions in IT.


For further information or to test this new feature, please contact your account manager or send us an email to info(at)boc-group.com.