Release of ADOIT 7.5: Game-changing EA at your fingertips!

The BOC Group announced today the launch of ADOIT 7.5 that comes loaded with an array of improvements setting ADOIT apart from all the mere run-of-the-mill architecture tools.

The 100% web-based EA suite ADOIT steps out of the box and delivers valuable and easily digested architecture insights to decision makers through its powerful aggregated views. Quickly launch your Enterprise Architecture and IT Management initiatives and start turning buried or hidden information into business value with easy analysis, just a few clicks away.


Backed by the extensive experience, acquired in the course of delivering projects to more than 1,000 clients worldwide, ADOIT has developed into an essential tool for EA Management. Whether you want to view how your architecture will transform over time or identify your most critical applications and technologies where action is needed, ADOIT 7.5 comes with built-in views that will uncover the evidence to steer your next steps.


Get here all details on the most important new features of ADOIT 7.5. If you are interested to learn even more at first hand, contact us to request a personal web-demo from one of our consultants.


About ADOIT:
Enterprise Architecture Management requires teamwork. ADOIT is the ideal information base for all stakeholders from the management to single IT operation managers. With its numerous and role-specific views and reports, quick and informed decisions are possible and the impact of planned changes will be immediately visible.