The BOC Group Presented ADONIS NP BPMN Diagram Interchange Capabilities During OMG® Event „BPMN in Action“

As one of the leading software vendors, BOC Group showcased BPMN™ DI (Business Process Model and Notation™ Diagram Interchange) in action.

BPMN Model Interchange Working Group members have demonstrated iterative elaborations of BPMN™ model interchanges between different BPM tools at this free meet and greet on June 5, 2017 in the course of the OMG® Technical Meeting in Brussels, Belgium. BOC Group participated in this live demonstration and showcased the state-of-the-art possibilities in interoperability between ADONIS NP and other Business Process Modelling Tools. ADONIS proved its full roundtrip capabilities to the live audience and hence underlined its position as one of the leading Business Process Management suites.


You have missed the event? Watch the recording of the live stream if you are interested to see “BPMN in Action”.