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BOC Group Launches GRC 2.5 – The Cutting-Edge All-In-One Risk Management Suite

Built from a holistic, all-round user-experience perspective, this latest GRC version comes with an enhanced user interface and adds new features and functionalities, to make complying with regulatory requirements the easiest so far!

DUBLIN – (Business Wire) – The leading manufacturer and vendor of IT-based management solutions and services, BOC Group, today announced the latest... More

BOC Group Announces the Release of ADONIS NP 5.5: Marking the Beginning of a New Era of Process Modelling

DUBLIN, Ireland – (Business Wire) – BOC Group is excited to introduce you to the latest edition of its BPM suite ADONIS. The revolutionary SmartHover that significantly ameliorates and facilitates the entire user experience is just one of the multiple great features ADONIS 5.5 brings.

With every new release of its tools, BOC Group tries to learn and grow from its experience with more than 1,000 customers worldwide. The company... More

ADOIT 8.3 unboxed: BOC Group releases the next version of its professional EA suite

DUBLIN, Ireland – (Business Wire) BOC Group is happy to present the next release of ADOIT. Powerful workflow capabilities to manage ever-changing Enterprise Architectures are one, yet not the only, highlight of ADOIT 8.3.

BOC Group, an internationally leading vendor and manufacturer of software tools for globally recognized management approaches introduces the next... More

BOC Group Announces the new GRC Suite: Your audit-ready platform

GRC 2.0 – This is the premiere of our brand new Risk Management tool

DUBLIN – (Business Wire) - BOC Group launched today its GRC suite 2.0. Risk assessments, evaluation of effectiveness and definition of... More

BOC Group Announces the Release of ADONIS NP 5.0: Your High-Performance BPM-Suite

DUBLIN – (Business Wire) ADONIS NP 5.0 – the best work yet – is out now, offering great new features, making it more powerful than ever.

Experience gathered in more than 5,000 successful client projects and valuable customer feedback are strongly influencing every new release of ADONIS... More